Sunday, April 21, 2013

5/28 Car Truths: Clothes

My typical laundry bin


Choose every piece of item you keep carefully. I have two jackets, a hoodie, a plastic full of day clothes and a locker of gym clothes. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it can get me through two weeks pretty well.

I have my four skirts, two black jeans, two long johns, two work out pants, a black dress and an assortment of tops. For socks, I have two heavy duty, cold weather ones. There are nights I definitely need them. Two towels and one wash cloth. A beanie to keep my head warm during cold night.

For dressy occasions (I haven't had a need to be fancy) I have two business casual skirts, a black dress and my black boots.

I already mentioned my black boots and brown, which keep my feet cozy. For warmer weather I have a pair of tennis shoes and running work out shoes for the gym.

Really, there is not much one needs. I dressed plainly before, so this isn't a big leap for me. Keep what is necessary, eliminate everything else.

Miss Minimalist has the best travel assortment I have found on the web. She manages to fit all the clothes she needs for travel in a large purse. In comparison, I definitely need to cut down!

For more insights on minimalist living, I would definitely check it out. It doesn't have much of anything to do with van dwelling or car life, but cutting back on the excess is a part of either way of life.

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