Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Re-arranged the Budget

Due to my demotion and shift in monies, I reworked my budget to fit the short term needs of food, car, gas while including longer term goals of paying off my loans and taking an October family visiting trip.

Depending on my hours, I should be making around 400 plus all the way down to 350ish. Splitting the paycheck into $200 student loans and $150 for two weeks and savings is my new plan. I don't spend $75 dollars a week on food, gas and luxuries. The monies left over from the $150 over two weeks goes towards car repairs and my long term vacation goals.

All and all, I'm paying $400 a month towards loans. My tax return is also going straight to getting this burden off my back. Luckily, I've been working since sixteen and my savings covers most of my education. Being a first generation college student, I did mess up on my community college credits transferring. To graduate on time (2013), I took summer classes. There isn't anymore financial aid available for the summer and I paid the whole semester with a 5,500 loan.

Five thousand is a lot of money, but in comparison to the national average $26,600 per student...
I also took five years to finish my bachelors. I use to feel shameful, but, HEY, a degree is a degree!


Tired of Snow Photos Yet?

Foods Stuff

I'll put the healthier, more appetizing meal up first. It's a banana, nutella, peanut butter tortilla. It's a great breakfast and simply enough to make in a car.

The second isn't as pretty, but a reality, is a dollar hamburger. Usually grab one in between school and work as a quick bite. I'm moving away from more commercial foods, especially after what happened at my job. Grocery stores are also cheaper. A dollar for the amount is still occasionally worth it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Right! This morning I had planned to go to the Plasma center and sign up for the first time. Because of waiting lines and my twelve o'clock class, I set my alarm clock before seven to get there when the doors open.

And my phone died sometime during the night and I overslept in a parking lot that requires permits during the day.


Someone gave me a parking ticket - while I was asleep in my car. Apparently sleeping under a comforter is stealthy enough to be unnoticed.

That, or they just didn't care.

(I still filled out an appeal for the ticket, 40 minutes after it was issued. Thirty dollars is a lot of money.)

UPDATE: April 9
The ticket was voided.