Thursday, January 3, 2013

The First Night

Before I slept outside in my car, I first slept in the garage of the townhouse I use to live at. This helped me find a comfortable way to position myself in the car. The passenger seat is taken out, so I lie diagonally across with my head in the back seat on the driver's side and my feet by the passenger's car door. In the garage this worked out comfortably and in my hurry I didn't test it outside.

Most of this could of been prevented with planning ahead of time.

1.) Privacy
My first mistake was purchasing the reflective window covers right before bedtime. It took me much too long set up the window covers. I brought nothing in the car to hold them up, so I used sewing pins against the roof fabric. It wasn't ideal. KNOW

2.) Warmth
I did not plan how my night would go. After work, I stayed dressed in my business casual. The laundry that I had done earlier that day hadn't fully dried, so no sweatpants or sweaters to wear to bed for me.

3.) Sleep
Third mistake: I curled up in a ball. Almost every two hours my knees would be sore from shivering in a ball and I'd stretched them out for a bit to relieve the aching. Moving out of my huddled position, exposed my legs to the cold air of the car. Ergo, all night I was curling and uncurling and aching.
The melting condensation after driving to the Rec Center

4.) Condensation
Because the temperatures stayed at a chilly below freezing level, the condensation in the car, from breathing, froze to the windows. When I awoke, the frost covered every window. Not knowing what to do, I turned the car on… oh wait. The keys had fallen under the seat. I searched for the keys, in my light, casual work wear: my fourth mistake.

5.) The Man
Final mistake: I forgot to turn on my lights when driving to the gym. At five-forty in the morning, I got pulled over for not having my lights on. Fortunately, the officer just gave me a warning, instead of charging the $35 fine for driving with no lights.

That was my morning. Everything got better after that: working out at the gym was peaceful, the hot shower afterwards felt amazing and the 1.69 for a hamburger breakfast happen to be a nice treat.

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