Sunday, May 5, 2013

17/28 Car Truths: Alternative Forms

Alternative Forms

... of income!

The main reason (besides not really having any other place to stay at the end of December) of living in my car is to save money. I already have a part-time job as a source of income, but adding the extra $55 a week for plasma donations help cover most living expenses for the week. That leaves the majority of my paycheck to go towards loans and fixing my car.

Honestly, I'm debating about finding different sources of income besides plasma donation. If I lose any more weight from running, the $55 a week drops down to $35. It's not really worth it for the lesser amount and I'd rather be athletic.

Previously, I cleaned houses to gather extra money. Unfortunately, CSU likes to create schedules where the entire day is taken up with classes. I'm pretty sure the system is designed to babysit the college kids. The community college I attended before transferring to university had a MW, TR schedule as opposed to CSU's MWF, TR scheduling.

Only being available during evenings and weekends has really affected my work life. Especially, since most of my jobs have been sale-results related. Whatever.

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