Sunday, May 5, 2013

16/28 Car Truths: Scavenge


This might be more a part of college life than living out of your vehicle related. Somewhere out in the wilderness of the town and campus there are organized events that give away food. As the frugal person I try to be and as the daughter of a mom who would save popcorn bags for movie trips, I love free food.

I shouldn't say free, as my student fees go towards paying for event food.

The up side to going to as many events on campus for food is that you also get to learn about other programs or careers out there. So, it's entertainment as well.

Student organizations and club set up various themed activities or forums related to their mission. Most of the events have professionals from the field who discuss their jobs. The Ethnic Studies department had  professionals who have careers in social justice, the International Studies department invited professionals from the field to describe how they found their careers; French and German Club hosts Mardi Gras/Fasching every year.

If you're a student, go down to the student center and look for posters, club meetings and offices that you could gather information about where to go.

If you're luckily enough not to be in school anymore, local libraries and city websites detailing event information (, for Colorado Springs events).

Besides being active in the community and learning about something you normally wouldn't seek out, it's free food.

Even though you're looking for discounted food, remember to be a respectful guest and actually participate in the activity. For Fasching, I helped decorate and danced around. For the career seminars, I listened to all the presenters and asked questions on their experiences.

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