Wednesday, May 15, 2013

23/28 Car Truths: P.S. P.O.!


PO Box for Bills

If you're going to be living in an area for an extended period of time, get a PO Box. I have one as a back up address, but all my bills are done via internet (phone, banks, netflix, sallie mae).

Having a PO Box also falls into play with my lie. I live in the dorms and the dorms use a PO Box system for students. Once I move back home, I will return my keys to the small rectangular compartment in the hall of rectangular compartments. For the time being, the box only receives letter from the previous owner. The previous renter most likely ran some sort of child care non-profit based on the mail that arrives.

For plasma donation however, I had to use my friend's address as CSL Plasma doesn't accept PO Box addresses.

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