Friday, May 3, 2013


This fall under one of my faults in frugality: if something is cheap and maybe need it, I'll buy a lot; if something is expensive, but I could definitely use, I'll hold out.

A gas burning stove kind of falls in that category. If I did have a small stove, I could cook soups, rice, beans, pastas, and other nice warm foods that are cheap in bulk. On the other hand, I don't really have that kind of space. My car is already cramped by just being in there, let alone fixing food up to eat. Also, I don't think the local PD would appreciate me cooking around town.

I've definitely window shopped for stoves and plan on purchasing one before I live out of my vehicle again. Although, some of the stoves appear to be getting quite outlandish. Why bring an entire kitchen out camping? There are grills, ovens and burner tops all designed for some type of luxury camping.

And I thought as a kid using wire coat hangers over sticks to roast marshmellows was fancy.

A small burner appears to be the smallest, cheapest option.
Grab a cheap or free pot, a gas canister and cook!

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