Tuesday, May 7, 2013

19/28 Car Truths: Self Defense


Self Defense!

There have been debates on different van dwelling forms about carrying a gun as a form of self defense when living in your car. After my personal rant, my take on the subject will be further down...

After my boyfriend decided to tell his WHOLE EFFING FAMILY about my little adventure, they did one of two things.
1.) Started to try and convince me to give him "let him use" my car and buy a used Yukon, so I could place a mattress in back. (I don't spend on my money on booze and cigarettes, so they think I'm the upper crust of the lower cake.)

2.) Told me I should buy a gun and with my clean record it would be pretty easy.

Before I go on a rant about my mixed feelings over guns, I'd like to point out that buying another vehicle and a gun are expensive. The Yukon they tried to convince me to buy from their friend was around 1,000. It would of probably broken down the moment I bought it (if all the broken down cars in front of their house are any indication of how good they are at picking vehicles). This doesn't count registration, insurance, bad gas mileage and whatnot.

Even a small gun is a couple hundred dollars and I'm sure the license itself also costs a bit.

If I had that kind of money - I could of just rented an apartment! My ex's parents were trying to manipulate this into their favor and wanted me to basically take care of their deadbeat son for them. I'm not going to tap into more student loans for you.

I have mixed feelings about guns. Should people be allowed to carry function weapons for hunting and paranoid-sprung home protection? Sure. Why do people need assault rifles? Honestly, even though hand guns are used in most gun-violence, why do people need assault rifles? The only answers I seem to find are this is America; the second amendment; what is shit hits the fan and we need to defend ourselves from anti-Christ Obama. I don't particularly find any of those attitudes convincing, but whatever.

Back on topic!

I've come to the conclusion most have: carrying a gun around makes you a target for the cops, which should be avoided. Even if owning a gun is a part of your rights and whatnot, cops can legally give you a hassle of a time for no justification at all. Be respectful and don't start with them. Having a gun in your car also makes it a target for breaks in and that's generally a bad thing.

What I personally use is a mixture of pepper-spray and some sharp pointy things in close reach.

The more time I spend in my car, the more I realize that the majority of people just don't care. They have errands to run, friends to meet, phones to tap. My little arsenal of defense toys are kind of a back up for having the misfortune to run into a creep. Maybe because I cut them off, or I appear vulnerable or they want to steal something; I don't know. Just in case, I have my little friends.

One of the tools that I actually want, but have been holding out on buying is a kitty key chain self defense stabber. Besides my love for cats, it's small, easier to use and gets the point across.

My mom is the one who provided me with pepper spray. Unfortunately, our neighbors can't won't control their "guard" dog. That dog has gotten out three times and attacked my mom and her dogs. It reached its peak when the dog ripped open our pup, Penny. With emergency veterinary care, Penny survived. I always liked every dog I met until this one. Now my mom has to walk around the neighbor we have lived in for twenty years with fear. She carries pepper spray to fight off the dog if it gets out again.

(The animal control in our city has be completely ignored us. We've called them out, filed charges, called and gone to the office multiple times; nothing.)
This is the school I go to. Sigh.

Oh, by the way: I fight. I just prefer to beat up on my friends, as opposed to actual criminals.

The on the upside, the police are the only group I've really had to worry about it.

Even when riot parties happen right now the street from where I'm sleeping, I didn't hear a word of it until the next day. The party made the front page of the Collegian.

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