Sunday, May 5, 2013

18/28 Car Truths: Familiarity



If you're planning on living out of your vehicle, whether to travel or as an alternative to four walls, get to know the place you're going to be residing, parking and or traveling through.

It doesn't require extremely detailed knowledge on the area, but just enough to try and stay out of trouble and avoiding inconveniences. An example would be rush hour in the morning, lunch time or five pm.

Where's the "bad" part of town? Are you near a school (especially if you have a van)? Are you in a heavy traffic area? Or a town small enough where an unusual vehicle would stand out? Are there strict parking laws (Colorado Springs vs. Fort Collins)? Are there higher rates for car accidents (LA freeways)

Knowing your surroundings is generally a safe idea anyway, but living out of your car is vulnerable. One break in, one car accident or the cops following you around can really mess up your experience.

Mishaps will happen regardless, try to action to avoid some of them.

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