Sunday, January 13, 2013

Personal Life During The Week

The first day visiting my home city went smoothly. Saying hello and cleaning the car.

The next day my special friend got into a car pile up accident and was deemed somewhat at fault. At least faulty enough where the minimum car insurance on the car didn't cover the damage.

Special Friend and I broke up. Kind of. It's a little complicated. I gave a deadline saying that we need to get our lives in order. I mean, friend has no ambition or career goals  and I live in my car. There's that.

Two days alone, mom goes out to spend time with her special friend and I'm watching the family dogs. Early morning, I get awoken by the younger pug dog vomiting everywhere. Specifically, vomiting on me.

Several hours in the veterinary clinic and more time spent cleaning bloody dog vomit and bloody dog shit all over the house.

Then several more hours driving back up to this school city to spend a few hours working and a few hours going out.

What a week.

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