Thursday, May 23, 2013

Post Grad Update

I graduated last weekend, but my month long job search really hasn't yielded any results. With a BA, I'm too qualified for dead end jobs needed for the Summer, but under qualified for more professional jobs. I've been trying to transfer from my current job to the Springs, but they keep dragging it out. It's almost like the managers want me to quit.

The Car Truths isn't exactly finished, but I'm stuck on finding three more things to talk about. As I graduate, I no longer have admittance to the facilities on campus and have been scrounging around Fort Collins. This includes sink showers and having no permanent location. Maybe I'll come up with some more writing then. In the mean time, the blog will get an overhaul soon with the new graphics I've been working on.

I don't enjoy being tied to my job and not having a permanent residence to "hang out" in. Traveling in general would be more interesting than staying in one city, but that is just personal preference. Living in a car is better than paying rent.

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