Wednesday, May 15, 2013

22/28 Car Truths: Home Base


Home Base!

I love living in my car and enjoy the freedom it brings. Even with every daily used in my reach, I still have things stored at my mom's. I say "things" not just as physical objects, but my cat and a bunch of sentimental value.

My mom and I have lived in that house since 1994. We're one of the few neighbors who have lived in that neighborhood for almost two decades (my best friend's family is another one). I attended the elementary school down the block and walked to the gas station to get slurpees during the summer. There's a trail that I take the family dogs for walks, four generations of doggies. Buried in my back yard are two guinea pigs, a bunch a fish, two birds and a newt.

While I've already given away quite a bit of my collected rat nest of stuff over the years and especially this past year, there's still more to go. Right now I'm debating about selling all my video game consoles. Hmm.

To whom car life is just a temporary college, like myself, it is necessary to have a place to store your belongings. For others independent of their parents, a small storage container would do the trick. A land locked home base could be necessary for storage. I definitely could not fit all my sword fighting equipment into my car and I am not giving up on martial arts. Permanent van dwellers probably don't have this issue. If I ever update to a van, I might have enough room for my gear...

The less stuff you have the less that is holding you back, but sometimes you don't want to give'em up.

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