Monday, May 13, 2013

20/28 Car Truths: Footsies


I didn't really expect this to happen, as it isn't something that occurs in home dwelling. Sores and blisters on my feet started the first couple of weeks and I didn't pay it any mind because I was running twenty to thirty miles a week. Even after I stopped running as much to slow down my weight loss to stay in the plasma center top tier, my feet still end up with blisters and sores.

From what I've read online, it could be a mixture of not having proper shoes or socks. It could also be from the moisture in the car. Originally when it would sink below freezing I would wear my boots at night and only take off my socks in between showers. I could possibly understand how it became harder to keep them dry and blisters formed more easily.

I'm still working this one out; there aren't any other van dwelling blogs or help advice out there that I have found yet.

During the summer it should become easier to keep my feet dry. Until then, ouch!

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